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Kitchen counters installed!

YAHOO!  One painful month later, the counters are finally in.  So are my snazzy new microwave, black sink and brushed nickel faucet!

We still have some crown moulding to put up as well as the moulding that goes along the bottom of the cabinets.

Oh, AND the tile backsplash.  I’m thinking travertine with a few of my tiles as accents.  At first I was going to do the whole backsplash in my tile, but, yeaaaaaaahhhh NO.

It is so nice having counters again!  But now that old fridge is starting to look pretty bad…

John was away at camp this week so Katie and I redid his room.  We gutted it.  John used to be a big Jeff Gordon fan, but now he’s mostly interested in cars and how things work, so we went for a techno sort of look.

Here are the extremely frightening “before” pictures:

I told you these were scary photos!

Here is his room, 4 days later!

I am going to peek in often before he returns from camp on Sunday, because I expect it to look exactly like the “before” pictures in about a day and a half!


Here is his reaction!!  When he got home, he called for us and we did not answer,  so he decided to arm himself before he searched the house.  We were hiding in his room with a camera.



Great show yesterday…but…

I’m even more excited that I have a whole summer free ahead of me!

First some photos from the show.  My booth:


Another view:


Other side:


Katie and her best friend were a big help to me setting up and tearing down, and seemed to have a lot of fun, too:


As for the rest of the summer, we have lots of fun things planned.  First, John is going off to scout camp for a week and Katie and I are going to transform his room as a surprise.  I painted his room like this when he was about 9 years old  (look at that cheek chub!  LOL!):


We are going to surprise the kids with a Green Day concert in a couple of weeks, and then we head off on a road trip to D.C.  When we get back, I will hopefully have found my French Bulldog puppy that I have been searching for since the beginning of the year!  Yay!

Summer moves along

I will be doing my final glazing of the summer today and taking the rest of the summer off to be with the kids before they enter high school!  I can’t wait until I don’t have to go back into the studio for awhile.  I have pulled and packed the awards for the Michigan Cavy Breeder Association show- the bright colors make me happy!


It’s been 3 weeks today since the counter person came to measure for the countertops- they  said they would be ready in 3 weeks- why aren’t they calling?  Grr.

George seems to be adjusting to life as a single dog, but then Louie didn’t want to have much to do with him in his last year or so.

It finally stopped raining last week and we had about 5 days of beautiful warm days.  Now it’s raining again.  Keeping my fingers crossed for warm sunny weather for my ONE show of the summer this Saturday!