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Wow- look!

Poo colored tile backsplash gone.

Nasty old cabinets gone.

Dorky hubby hamming it up!

Spiffy new cabinets up!  Upper ones, anyway.  And we put them up TWICE.  Because the first time they were 1/2 inch too high :-T

Today (if everyone gets home from baseball and guitar that is) we will have the doors on, the shelves in, and the stuff inside back inside and out of the sunroom where they have been malingering in rubbermaid bins.  I even went out and bought some groovy new shelf paper this morning!  Yay me!

My kitchen has been so nice and orderly since we started deconstruction, hasn’t it?  :red face:

These were homemade cabinets, so you just don’t unzip a couple of screws and take them down, you have to rip off every piece, piece by piece, because they were built in place.  Ugh.  I was hoping to re-use them in my studio or something, but by the time they are removed, they are just random sticks and nails and screws.

With my love, Twilight!  I was invited to a twilight themed stocking at Huckleberry Knits.  I was so inspired I came up with 9 mugs!  Here are a few, in no particular order…

Some detail

…and there’s more!  They all go on sale on the 21st at 12:30, at Huckleberry Knits.

It’s over. Back to work.

Grease was last Thursday through Saturday and the kids were amazing.  I am so proud of John! I am going to make some Grease mugs for the 5 teachers that put this thing together.  I should have had them ready by the performances, but I was so busy this month!

I’m so proud of me, too!  I finished all but two customs and one is in the kiln cooling right now.  I still have to throw a mug for the other one- should have that done in a day or two.  I hope to glaze this weekend and have that last custom out next week.

Then, we will start dismantling the kitchen…

Zuko Baby!

I got some pictures of John as Danny Zuko!

“Grease” starts in 2 days and I am petrified…

Cabinets arrived!

Holy smokes- how are we supposed to fit all of this into our little kitchen?  It barely fits in the playroom… which is 10×20!


Well, here is the finished costume for Katie (she forgot to put on the black belt though)


And here is about a week’s worth of work- as long as it usually takes me to fill up a kiln: