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I love Canon.

So, I posted last time about how I dropped my little canon.  It’s nothing special- just a little dinky cute point & shoot but it works perfectly for me (powershot SD 400 if anyone cares).  I sent it to Canon for repairs Wednesday and sent them my CC info for payment. I get an email from canon on Fri that they’d received it.  I get an email on MONDAY saying that it was fixed and would be shipped back.  It arrived Wednesday all shiny and healthy again!

Not only that, but after I’d first gotten the camera, my Ever Vigilant And Careful Hubby (those 5 words should be read with a note of sarcasm.  Just a touch.) threw it onto the floor of the van where it was duly trampled by the hooves of the twins, breaking the screen.  I sent it in, and because it was under warranty, Canon fixed it- no charge.  Even though it was my fault.  Well,  E.V.A.C.H.‘s fault, anyway.

I love Canon.  And nobody touches my camera.  Ever.

….nothing.  Still working on the custom orders.  I just felt like I had to post something.  But here’s some yummy pottery pictures!

Oh wait- that reminds me.  I dropped my beloved little canon camera that took such nice pictures for me!  So it’s off for repairs and these are some older photos.  If I post any new photos anywhere for the next couple of weeks, they are going to be taken with my antique digital olympus which makes everything look…bleh.

Okay, pix:




Customs rolling out!

I shipped the first batch of customs this week- feels good!   I ended up with well over 30 multiple item orders.  I think I will get all these orders out well within the estimated time frame I gave my customers. I will be glazing the second batch today.

I’ve been asked to guest at several Hyena Cart shops!  I just finished guesting at Lemon Tree Lane February 1- that goes all month.  Then on March 2, I will be a guest at Creatively Serene and at Felt Fusion!  Finally, on April 15, I will be a guest vendor at Necessitae.

Also at Universal Mama we are planning something for the spring equinox:

I’m looking forward to all of these!  It’s shaping up to be a busy spring!