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A friend commissioned me to make a platter that her local greyhound rescue could auction off at a fundraiser.  I hope she likes it and that it raises some money for the rescue!

Kiln back in production!

Well, it took a week, but we got the elements in the kiln changed out. Whew!  I got about 160 firings out of the old ones which is pretty good! Now to get started on those customs :rubbing my hands together:

Customs hopefuls rolling in!

The newsletter with information on how to get on the customs lottery went out October 8 and the requests are pouring in! If you missed signing up for the newsletter, I’m sorry- you may have to wait a while before I can take more customs! On Monday I will draw as many orders as I can fill in 3 weeks, and then I have to concentrate on building stock for my Holiday shows. I wish I could squeeze everyone in, but I really don’t think I’ll be able to! 🙁

And the kiln element replacement- UGH. The bolts were on so tight that we broke two of them, and they are an unusual size of stainless steel hex head bolts that I can’t find anywhere so I need to order them from the company…. AND DH broke a $50 kiln shelf, dammit. 😡

Kiln died :(

No big deal. The elements are just shot. The elements are kind of like the tires on a car- you just have to replace them every hundred firings or so. Luckily my new kiln has the handy dandy easier to replace element holders, so hopefully it won’t be the headache it usually is. I just have to wait for them to come in!

In the meantime, I am working on the next newsletter (sign up here ) where I will be offering customs slots. Not sure how yet, but I’m working on it.

Harvest fair a success!

Saturday I did really well! Sunday was rainy and dismal. Very little traffic and even fewer customers! Here is my booth this year:

it’s funny to see the differences- look how much more pottery there is these days!