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Preparing for the Harvest Fair

Our favorite show of the year is coming up. It’s a 2 day show the first weekend of October- at the Norman Bird Sanctuary in Middletown, RI. Katie spends the whole weekend there with me- she says to help out, but ends up running around all over the fair all weekend with her friends 😛

This was in 2005- the year Katie had a broken wrist. It’s funny to look at my booth back then- it’s MUCH more full nowadays.

R.I.P. Bustopher Jones :(

Wednesday night Bubby was lethargic and vomiting a bit. So I took him to the vet the next morning, where they found his body temp was below normal and I noticed that he couldn’t walk very well! They took his blood, x-rays, started him on fluids and kept him overnight.

I knew the vet bill was going to be pricey so I quickly set up 50 squishy cup custom slots at HC and managed to throw 25 that day, promising another 25 within 2 weeks. The awesome mamas there bought them all within 2 hours. Thank you so much! Read the rest of this entry

I have one show the beginning of October, and then no shows until Thanksgiving weekend, so I am hoping to open up for customs during the month of October. Right now I am thinking of stocking a group of custom slots every few days on my Hyenacart until I have all the work I think I can handle.

Still in the planning stages, but for those who are wanting to give RSE products, that would be something to be watching for!

YES! It is finished.

Finished August 31, 2008.

Apart from John slicing his arm open on a joist hanger (ER trip) and me nearly amputating the tip of my middle finger(no ER trip- just a big overreaction on my part), there was surprisingly little bloodshed. It’s wonderful to sit out there- I have been using the last couple of days of my mini vacation to sit out there with a book on tape and knit. Heaven. To celebrate, and to thank you for reading this far, I will make a yarn bowl for the first person to email me with a color choice! 😀

UPDATE:  Ding Ding Ding!!! And we have a winner!!!  Thanks!