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Birthday crunch is upon us!

The cusp of June/July is always hairy around here. The twins’ birthday is June 29 and mine is July1. Today we are having a Laser Tag party for the twins, and tomorrow will be their “real” birthday with family. Then we will recover for a day and the next day is my birthday, usually forgotten or postponed indefinitely (permanently) due to lack of funds. LOL.

I’m going to try to get a glaze load finished this weekend despite the hubbub.

New Current Catalog uploaded!

I had a show last Saturday and it was kind of a let down. It was a gamble, being a first year for this show, but the promoters and I agree- let’s drop this show. I’ve had great success with other shows these promoters held which is why I signed up for this show.

Oh well, at least my inventory is all back up and I can do more things for my online shops! YAY!

….incidentally, if you are wanting anything, just contact me- post a comment or email or PM or whatever. I’ll probably have it in stock!

Current Catalog for Rising Sun Earthworks

Hello blog.  I’m sorry I haven’t been paying much attention to you.  I hope you are doing okay.  As soon as I get this inventory built up, I hope I can attend to you more often!  I’ll post some pictures of new items, like my kids’ squishy cups and some baking dishes!