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Chibi manga mugs

Wow…they vanished within 24 hours….

 Guess I’ll be making more! ^-^

Busy and Happy with Dracula.

Working hard on customs.  What is making the time FLY is a new audiobook I downloaded- Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian.   Oh, WOW!!!!  It’s extremely long and historically detailed….26 hours…. and all about a search for Dracula who is still alive.  I can not WAIT to get into the studio in the mornings!  I’m going to cry when it’s over- I will.

I’m obsessed with vampires and especially Dracula.  What can I say.

Salt pig

or pigge, or pygg, pygge….

I had a request from a customer for one of these…. I think I will make a few and see how they sell!  It seems they are enjoying a revival much as the butter crocks have been doing.

New Wheel

My Shimpo VL whisper is here, but it arrived with a cracked lower housing.  Shimpo is sending me a new one.  I haven’t turned it on yet- will do so today!

I have hired Katie to make some chibi manga drawings for my mugs.  I’m very excited about this new idea, and she is excited to be getting paid for her art!

Barring complications I have decided to start back to work on the 12th.  I have already started taking custom orders.  I hope this is a good and productive year!

Well, I was enjoying a relaxing day with my family yesterday, give me a break! 

I am cleaning out the studio today and hopefully setting up my new wheel 😀 😀 😀 A Shimpo VL whisper!  Yay!  I plan to stay off of it for another 5 days but it may draw me in sooner.

…….Well, I wrote that this morning.  I just opened up my Shimpo and the bottom housing is all cracked!  Dayum!  Now I have to call them in the morning.  I am bummed.  How much longer until I will be able to work again?