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Etsy neglect

I have been so busy with shows and customs that my poor etsy shop has suffered.  I am going to nurture it like crazy after Saturday…LOL… stuff it full of goodies!

I’m thinking about trying semi-custom spots.  Offering bisqued items to be glazed in the customer’s choice of glazes.  I will include a glaze chart that they can look at to make their choices:

glaze color chart

Artisans by the Bay Show

Well, I just got back from the show today.  I did well…not great, but not bad.  Batter bowls and butter crocks were the item of the day.  Surprisingly I didn’t sell a single WTF pig or berry bowl which is a first!  We shall see what happens next week at Jamestown!


Oohhhhhh, it’s getting harder and harder to drag myself into the studio!  I have maybe one more day of throwing….two, if I take it easy.  But I just want to get it done and enjoy the holidays!  And I’m looking forward to some leisurely time after the New Year, to work on new pieces and new glazes!

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Mugs

I’m still getting a lot of great comments about my Alice in Wonderland mugs I auctioned off at HC.  They were sure fun to do and I was pleasantly surprised at the interest they generated! 

I’m frantically scrambling to get ready for two shows in back to back weekends.  I hate when shows are that close together.  But, these are the holidays!  Just these two shows, and I’m done for the year.   I need to learn to manage my time so I don’t have to do these 14 hour days anymore.  I’m killing myself!

I am enjoying glazing!

Wow.  I hate glazing.  But I have been throwing so heavily over the last few days that I’m looking forward to sitting down and glazing all this bisque!  Plus it means after a day or two in the kiln, it’s OUTTA here!  Most of it custom orders, though I’m finally getting some inventory made for upcoming shows as well.

It was still making a racket, so we took it apart again and tweaked it.  It’s quiet(er) again, but it doesn’t have enough torque- when I throw big I can feel it slowing down, and I can actually grab the wheel and stop it, so I’m now officially in the market for a new wheel.  Thank God for holiday orders!  At least I can still work on my existing limping-along old wheel in the meantime.

November already

Okay, no more orders coming in, and now I can concentrate on filling the ones I have.  Problem is, I’m so busy packing and shipping and doing paperwork that I haven’t thrown in about a week!  

Gonna try for just a few dog treat jars today…..