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orders, orders, orders

Wow, I’m getting about an order a day this month. I’m up to 30+ orders and the first ones are starting to get shipped out. It feels so good to be getting these orders, and even better to be shipping them to their new homes! I’ll have to stop taking orders at the end of the month, though, to get ready for my two upcoming shows.

My ancient wheel started vibrating something awful, and it’s been getting louder and louder over the years. It never was very quiet…. Anyway, Mike took it apart and the belt has about 6 giant cracks in it- no wonder! LOL! He said the mechanism is so very simple that it will be forever fixable, which is good- I won’t ever HAVE to buy another wheel. Then again, it would be nice to have a splash pan I can actually clean, and this wheel doesn’t go slow enough nor fast enough for me. As I mentioned before, it’s LOUD, too. But it works. That’s important!


New stuff going well!

I’m thrilled with the teapot and with the soup-chili crock things (is there a name for these things?) I glazed them in my greeny blue glaze because it’s the most reliable. My floating blue is giving me fits lately!

soup/chili crocks

Also CSRNE called and they loved the cocker spaniel pottery! Whew! She said she would be calling me for more next year, and that they went like hotcakes at the auction. Always good to hear!

New things I’ll be making!

I am planning on throwing some new items this week- I already threw my FIRST TEAPOT!  WOOT!  I can’t believe I’ve been throwing for 10 years straight now, over 15 years total, and no teapots, ever.  It wasn’t that bad!  A bit fiddly, but not frustrating.  I’ll definitely be making more!

Apart from teapots and filling orders, I’m going to throw some low, wide soup crocks with 2 little lug handles on the sides.  I think these would be great for chili, soup, French Onion soup, and individual baking dishes.


So, I think I’ve made a big mistake. 

I listed a bunch of seconds online about 2-3 weeks ago.  People loved them and snatched them up quickly!  Ever since then, it’s been pretty quiet…..I think everyone is waiting for more seconds.  Ooops. 

A lot of potters don’t believe in letting seconds escape their studio, ever.  They will come back to haunt them!  They don’t want anything less than perfect ever showing up anywhere.  I can see that… I’ve smashed many, many pieces (more than I care to remember) that were not pleasing to me, but the ones that have a small glaze run, or a pinhole or two, I just can’t bring myself to destroy, and then they pile up.

What to do, what to do?  I guess I just have to make fewer mistakes!

My week “off”

So, I was gonna give myself a week off to recuperate from the big orders and gear up for the holiday season….but it never happened?!?  I mean, I didn’t work on pottery, but the house needed cleaning, packages needed shipping, groceries needed buying, kids needed….everything.  So I never really got my break. Tuesday.  I am going to do absolutely nothing on Tuesday.  Really.

I wrote the above 8 days ago and I’ve been busy ever since.  Dammit!  I’ve started taking orders for Christmas (Only During October) and I’m already up to 25 orders!!!  Wowzah!

…get your orders in NOW, before Halloween!  Once the goblins come out, I’ll be switching my gears and working towards the Holiday shows…

CSRNE order finished!

YES! I finished and delivered the pottery for the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England’s annual fall auction on Thursday. This was a project I really enjoyed and a refreshing break from rabbits- that and having many different items to make instead of dozens of the same thing. The recipients seemed thrilled with them which always feels good! Here are a couple of the pieces (there were something like 36)

CSRNE pottery

CSRNE pottery