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Rex rabbit awards are FINISHED!

I am finally done with that huge order! I had to take a picture before I started packing (a 2 day job in itself). Here is most of it. The 4 platters were still in the kiln when I took this:

Most of the Rex awards

Now I am just praying, keeping toes and fingers crossed and spitting over my shoulder that they arrive safely and that the Rex Rabbit Club loves them!

My order of 64 plates, 64 mini bakers and 4 platters, all with Rex rabbits on them, is almost finished!  WOO HOO!!!  I will load the last of the bakers and plates into the kiln this afternoon.  The platters are made- I just have to paint the underglazes on, bisque fire a second time, and then glaze and fire again.  Then comes the awful part- packing and shipping!  

I’m almost done with my 36-piece cocker spaniel order, too.  That needs to be finished by the end of the month. 

…..I think I’m going to take the first week of October off.  Or, I’ll try to.  Holiday season coming up so I really can’t afford to take too much time off.  Also, I’ve been asking people requesting orders to please contact me in October.  Not very professional, I know, but in my current state of mind it’s probably the wisest thing to do….LOL

Wow, a blog…

I hope I can keep this blog updated (I’ve never blogged before), but I wanted some way of letting my customers know what is happening at RSE,  what progress I have made on their orders, and what new items I have planned.  And, for those who are interested, I’ll probably post about other things that are happening as well.

I’m planning on really getting this going in October, after I am caught up on September orders!

Thanks Tammy!  You are the BEST!!!! xxxooo